A Letter From Attorney Pettys

Jeffrey C. Pettys and his Wife

Thank you for visiting my web site. I am always excited to help people and families find solutions to their immigration problems. I enjoy the work and the chance to make a positive contribution to someone’s life. My law practice provides only comprehensive full service to every client. We do not offer discount packages or partial service plans, but do offer our full service at a very fair price. We are a trusted and reputable law practice with years of experience.

Some 25 years ago, I made the choice to marry a girl who I met in college from the Philippines. After graduation, we got married in Cebu City, Philippines and then returned to the United States to live. I understand how difficult it is to get married to someone from another country and then navigate all the laws to make a home together in the United States. I learned the process and have applied what I have learned to help others. My wife and I have made a good life for ourselves and our two boys and wish you and your families the same good fortune.

Regardless of your circumstances, obtaining a Fiance Visa, a Marriage Visa or a Green Card for Legal Permanent Residency to the United States requires work. There are many forms to fill out, documents to obtain and certain procedures that must be followed. The simplest of mistakes can cost you many weeks, if not months, of unnecessary delay and heartache. You can do it alone, but I don’t recommend it. More than a few of my clients over the years have actually come to me for help after trying to do their own legal work and then becoming frustrated with the bad results.

I wish you the very best. I hope you will allow me to be a part of your life by helping you realize your dreams. I invite you to review and use the information in my web site as much as you can. I think you will find it very helpful. If and when you are ready for my help, please contact me so we can get started. I welcome your call and look forward to speaking with you.

Jeffrey C. Pettys, Attorney At Law

Client Reviews
I was lucky enough to contract with Mr. Jeffery Pettys as my lawyer. I paid a very reasonable fee for his services and he was always available for my questions. It became obvious that the Marriage Visa application is not a simple process, but Jeff led us through the requirements flawlessly. In addition, my wife not only got her Marriage Visa but also her green card at the same time. I really could not have expected a better experience. I highly recommend Mr. Pettys. Larry N.
Bringing one’s loved one to the United States can be a complicated and stressful process. My wife and I used Mr. Pettys’ services in preparing her K-1 Fiance Visa. With Mr. Pettys’ help we were able to complete this promptly and without worry. At every step of the way Mr. Pettys provided us with not only expert work but peace of mind that only a professional with detailed knowledge of this complicated system can provide. If you are about to go through the process of applying for a Fiance Visa, I highly recommend his services. Cord S.
Jeff Pettys was such a pleasure to work with, he helped us understand the process and walked us through any thing we needed. With such an important life event, as getting married, it was important for us to choose a loyal lawyer. Jeff's knowledge and experience left us with the relief we needed, knowing that we were in good hands with him. Thank you Jeff for all of your hard work and we look forward in working with you on our green card transition. Thanks Jeff! Daniella M.
I found Attorney Jeff Petty’s webpage, and decided to contact him. After communicating on the phone and via the internet, I decided to hire him. It turned out to be the best move I made. Jeff started the fiance visa process the very same day. He helped get the K Visas and the Green Cards for my fiancée and her daughter. My experience with Jeff has been very rewarding. All my phone calls to him were returned promptly. He takes time to get to know his clients. I truly feel he loves his job, and is excited to see good people fulfill their dreams. Andrew D.
I cannot say enough about how Jeff kept this case moving forward, gave his expert advise and heartfelt counsel, all while making us feel like we had not only an attornney, but a FRIEND helping on our case. Take it from me—this is THE lawyer to hire if you need help with Immigration issues—he is the BEST. I can never thank him enough!! Kim S.