I met my fiancée while living and working in Jakarta. After a few international moves together the job I was in was made redundant and I was repatriated back to the US. The first thing I did was start looking at immigration lawyers as I already knew that the K1 visa process was a long and daunting task. After doing some research I decided to hire Jeff and I can tell you that it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Jeff helped with every step of the process and was always very calm and knowledgeable about the process. I will honestly tell you though, the very best part of working with Jeff is that he is always available to speak on the phone. The rare times when he was busy he always called me back within a couple of hours. I would recommend Jeff for anyone that is looking to get their fiancée or wife into the US and I really hope that he will be available to help with the green card process in a few very short weeks.

Paul D.
Great Falls, MT

My fiancé and I are getting married this week, thanks to Jeff's help with getting the K1 visa. Jeff Pettys was such a pleasure to work with, he helped us understand the process and walked us through any thing we needed. With such an important life event, as getting married, it was important for us to choose a loyal lawyer. Jeff's knowledge and experience left us with the relief we needed, knowing that we were in good hands with him. Thank you Jeff for all of your hard work and we look forward in working with you on our green card transition. Thanks Jeff!

Daniella M.
Gaithersburg, MD

"Bringing one’s loved one to the United States can be a complicated and stressful process. My wife and I used Mr. Pettys’ services in preparing her K-1 Fiance Visa. With Mr. Pettys’ help we were able to complete this promptly and without worry. At every step of the way Mr. Pettys provided us with not only expert work but peace of mind that only a professional with detailed knowledge of this complicated system can provide. If you are about to go through the process of applying for a Fiance Visa, I highly recommend his services."

Cord S. Fiance Visa

"When we recall the turbulent and worrisome times about three years ago with my fiancee waiting in Beijing and me applying for her K1 visa we always remember with appreciation our attorney Jeff Pettys who represented us. Through my friends I have known several immigration lawyers with many stories, but none made so much effort to succeed as him. Indeed, due to his quick and professional handling our case, she has received her Fiance visa, her Green Card very early, and indeed, she, my wife (with a baby) now, has just received her US citizenship in record time: 3 years and 10 days! I recommend Jeff Pettys for anyone not just without hesitation but in the strongest possible terms."

Dr. Gabor T. Fiance Visa

"When I contacted Jeffrey Pettys I was truly at the end of my rope…my husband, who is from Canada and I had been trying to obtain permanent residency status with no luck for almost 20 years We had used another attorney in Colorado, tried to file on our own, and had even sought the help of the Consulate—all to no avail. I spoke with Mr. Pettys over the phone, and knew by just talking to him, he had our best interests at heart. He was incredibly knowledgable about the processes, and I felt like I finally had someone on my side. We knew we had some issues to overcome, but when our case was held for REVIEW, we were terrified. Jeff called and told us he would still be there for us, and helped us put together a file for the review, keeping our costs down while keeping our spirits up. To make a very long story short—my husband was granted his PERMANENT STATUS, and we are looking forward to his swearing in ceremony! I cannot say enough about how Jeff kept this case moving forward, gave his expert advise and heartfelt counsel, all while making us feel like we had not only an attornney, but a FRIEND helping on our case. Take it from me—this is THE lawyer to hire if you need help with Immigration issues—he is the BEST. I can never thank him enough!!"

Kim S. Adjustment of Status

"Hello Jeffrey!
I am in the USA! I arrived two weeks ago. I love this country! People in the USA are the most friendly in the world! Thank you for your great work in getting my fiance visa and everything that you have you’ve done for us. My soon to be husband and me are going to get married on 10th of October in Las-Vegas. I hope you will be available after the 10th of October to help us with getting my Green Card"

Susana S. Fiance Visa

"In 2009, I decided to marry a lovely lady from Colombia. I had conversations with two other men who married women outside of the US and they both attempted to do the immigration work on their own. They both had problems that resulted in delayed entry for their wives (years). I decided that I needed professional help. I was lucky enough to contract with Mr. Jeffery Pettys as my lawyer. I paid a very reasonable fee for his services and he was always available for my questions. It became obvious that the Marriage Visa application is not a simple process, but Jeff led us through the requirements flawlessly. In addition, my wife not only got her Marriage Visa but also her green card at the same time. I really could not have expected a better experience. I highly recommend Mr. Pettys."

Larry N. CR1 Marriage Visa

"I met my wife in China, and we have been married for almost two years now. When we got engaged, we discovered that the immigration process and paperwork would be complicated and daunting. I found Attorney Jeff Petty’s webpage, and decided to contact him. After communicating on the phone and via the internet, I decided to hire him. It turned out to be the best move I made. Jeff started the fiance visa process the very same day. He helped get the K Visas and the Green Cards for my fiancée and her daughter. My experience with Jeff has been very rewarding. All my phone calls to him were returned promptly. He takes time to get to know his clients. I truly feel he loves his job, and is excited to see good people fulfill their dreams. I think his best quality is his ability to calmly work though complex issues. Ours was a long and anxious process, and Jeff and I spent a lot of hours on the phone together. Whenever I called him, I was instantly put at ease with his assurance that everything would be all right. I find Jeff to be friendly, helpful and trustworthy."

Andrew D. K1 Fiance Visa

"From the first day I met Attorney Jeff Pettys, I knew everything was going to turn out just fine. He had a very polite and kind way about himself as well as being very professional and knowledgeable in immigration matters and the fiance visa application process. He was very clear and straightforward with all the information that he provided to me and was always available whenever I had any questions. I was very impressed with his efficient and organized manner in preparing all the paperwork for us and keeping us updated on the status of the application. He was also very encouraging and supportive along the way which gave us a pleasant experience throughout the time. In the end, not only did he get my wife her fiancé visa in order for her to come to the United States from Lebanon but afterwards he also prepared the paperwork for her to receive her green card which she received as well! We’re very grateful and appreciative for everything Jeff has done for us and we would recommend him to anyone who needs any sort of immigration service."

Gregory E. K1 Fiance Visa

"I came to the United States as an international student with F-1 student visa. I am from Taiwan. During my first semester in college, I met my husband, who is an US citizen. We fell in love and got married 7 years later. After getting married, we were so discouraged by the amount of paperwork involved to do the immigration work for me to stay, that we waited 2 years before we started the immigration work for me to stay. My husband and I were overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork and documentation that was required for my legal permanent residency application and we were very afraid that any mistakes that we might make would prolong the status of my application. We were fortunate to have found Attorney Jeffrey C. Pettys from our initial search on the internet of an Immigration Attorney. Mr. Pettys assisted us and our case with efficiency and diligence. He reassured us throughout the process of the application, which made us feel at ease. In addition, Mr. Pettys was readily accessible and resolved all of our concerns immediately. With Mr. Pettys’ expertise, I received my Conditional Legal Permanent Residence five months after submitting my application for the Adjustment of Status for Legal Permanent Residency. Furthermore, my husband and I feel honored to have kept Mr. and Mrs. Pettys as our good friends."

Hsin Yi S. Adjustment of Status