Travel Tips

Falling in love with someone from another country will nearly always require you to travel overseas to meet or to get married. Meeting in person is a requirement for obtaining a Fiance Visa or a Marriage Visa. Traveling overseas will be an exciting adventure for you and something that I suspect you will never forget. Any overseas trip will require careful planning and work. At a minimum, you must obtain a passport, purchase airline tickets, arrange for transportation and lodging and exchange currency. Whether you are planning to travel to Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, Africa or any other beautiful part of the world, I strongly suggest that you do some research online to familiarize yourself with the customs and culture of the country that you will be visiting. You might even try to learn a few new words in the native language of your girlfriend or wife. As a suggestion, I would start with leaning how to say “hello” and “I love you”.

Over the course of my experience, I have asked many of my Fiance Visa and Marriage Visa clients what sites they may have visited to get ready for their trips overseas. The following is a list of the various travel sites that my clients have used to help get ready for their trips:


Eastern Europe

South America


I also recommend that anyone planning to travel overseas to meet their fiance or future spouse check The US State Department’s web site before leaving the United States. Click here.